Assertion of Identity in Dalit Autobiographies

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About the Author

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About the Author

Dr. Vachaspati Dwivedi teaches English at Sant Vinoba P.G. College, Deoria since 2000. He got his PhD in English from B.H.U Varanasi in 2001. In addition to teaching undergraduate students in Rang-Frah Govt. College, Changang and Sant Vinoba P.G. College, Deoria he has also taught English in two Foreign Universities during his tenure at Haramaya Unversity, Ethiopia (2005-2007) and Al Fateh University, Tripoli (2008 -2009) Libya. He published a book entitled The Fictional Art of Arun Joshi with Atlantic Publishers New Delhi in 2004 and has more than 20 papers both international and national journals to his credit. He edits a journal entitled Critical Paradigm (ISSN No.2249-5665) which is published annually.

About the Book

Assertion of Identity in Dalit Autobiographies is a book which analyses the Dalit autobiographies written in the northern part of India. Dalit literature nowadays is the one of the most important streams of Indian literature irrespective of its language. Most of Dalit literature is in the genre of autobiography though a lot of short stories, memoires and poems also enrich it in large measure. This book is an outcome of a Minor Research Project (2011) funded by UGC New Delhi to study the five major autobiographies of Dalit writers in Hindi with an aim to understand the multifaceted ethos of Dalit assertion in these life narratives. Most of the works undertaken in this project have profound impact on Dalit consciousness and politics and have strong links to Dalit movements, either social or political. They are also important for the reason that caste discrimination still exists in many ways and it often results in conflicts in the northern areas of India.














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