Buddhism and The Modern World – How Buddha’s Philosophy Can Integrate and Uplift Your Daily Life

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What Is Buddhism As It Really Is?
Is it a mere generic religion which is not worth paying attention to? Is it a religion that is practiced predominantly by people living


What Is Buddhism As It Really Is?

Is it a mere generic religion which is not worth paying attention to? Is it a religion that is practiced predominantly by people living in the eastern part of the world? Is it mandatory to shave your head, wear robes and live in the mountains in order to practice the teaching which is taught by the Buddha more than 2500 years ago? Can Buddhism teachings co-exist in the modern world? Is it a religion that is irrelevant to the modern world?

Buddhism Relates To Modern Day

It is not necessary to be a monk in order to learn about Buddhism and adopt his teachings into your life. The Buddha, a great and effective teacher, delivered his teachings in a way that is easily accepted by people in the past, present and even the future.

Many modern Buddhist followers are able to develop inner peace, self-awareness and wisdom from the cultivation of Buddha’s teachings. Another undeniable fact that Buddha’s teachings can appeal to modern day followers are that numerous scientific findings and evidences have proven accurate and truths from the teachings of the Buddha.

Buddhism is one of the most sought-after religious educations by people around the world at the moment. Many US celebrities like Richard Gere, Orlando Bloom, Kate Bosworth and former US President Bill Clinton (to name a few), have embraced Buddhism.

How Can Buddhism Change Your Life?

With a fast pace and high stress of modern life, many people are becoming more interested in the peaceful philosophy of Buddhism. In particular there is a very deep interest in learning how to meditate. Meditation can help you to overcome stress and anxiety, in addition to gaining self-confidence and connecting to your inner self achieve personal peace.

It is a habitual and cultural behavior of the west to place logic, reason and good judgment over blind faith when it comes to the involvement of religious teachings and beliefs. The Buddha taught us to test his teaching before accepting it. The outcome of a person’s life lies solely to the person’s own action and responsibility, including accepting his teachings. The development of mindfulness will lead to more awareness of our personal feelings and thoughts, which in turn improve the outcome of our life.

Buddha’s teachings provide a clear explanation on how to deal with our life in the best possible manner and achieve a positive balance outcome.

Throughout this book, I will walk you through and help you to adopt Buddha’s teachings to achieve personal inner peace, mindfulness and happiness in life. This book will also help you to understand some of the misconception about Buddhism in order to makes sense of Buddha’s teaching on different areas of your life.

By the time, you will be wondering how much contentment you feel and appreciate your life more than ever. Start to find that and have a good cause in this lifetime.


-History of Buddhism
-In-Depth Understanding of Buddhism in Accordance to Daily Life
-Beliefs Underlying Buddhism
-Exercising Buddhism in the Modern Way
-Karma, Rebirth and Reincarnation
-Buddha’s Philosophy – How does it integrate into your daily life
-Is it a Religion or Philosophy?
-And much more

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