Buddhism for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know About Buddhism for Complete Beginners

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Buddhism for Beginners

Scientifically Proven: Buddhism for BeginnersAbout the Book: Buddhism for BeginnersThere are hundreds of books available on Buddhism. This book – Buddhism for beginners, tackles the most basic question on Buddhism: What is the essence of Buddhism? It explains the life of Buddha in detail and also highlights the methodology that you can deploy in order to become ‘Buddha’ in real life. You can treat this simple book as your manual for a mindful, aware, peaceful and satisfied life. The detailed chapter on meditation not only guides you through the manner in which you can meditate, it also answers some of the most important questions related to meditation. The five percepts of Buddhism are explained with examples in simple English that everybody can understand. There is also a detailed chapter on mindfulness and living the Buddhist lifestyle in real life. Remember, Buddhism is a way of life – it is the philosophy of life and this book is not intended to modify your existing religious beliefs in any manner. It simply supplements those beliefs so that you can develop mindfulness in all your actions in order to live a blissful life!

A Preview to Buddhism for Beginners

• What Is Buddhism? • Who Was The Buddha?• Buddhist Traditions• The Theravada School Of Thought• The Mahayana School Of Thought• The Vajrayana School Of Thought• The Three Treasures Or Jewels Of Buddhism• The Three Poisons Or Roots Of Evil In Buddhism• The Five Percepts Of Buddhism• The Ten Grand Percepts• The Foundation Of Buddhism – The Four Noble Truths• Living The Buddhist Philosophy: The Eightfold Path• A Day In The Life Of A Buddhist• Living In The Present – Mindfulness And Meditation• Having Faith• Meditating On Koans• Karma And Reincarnation

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