Politics of Writing: A Study of Dalits in Odia Literature

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About the Author

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About the Author

Dr. Provakar Palaka teaches English in Swami Shraddhanand College, University of Delhi. He has done all of his higher education, including Ph.D, from Center for English Studies (CES), Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His areas of interest are Dalit literature, Odia Dalit literature, Odia literature, Indian literature, Post-colonial literature, etc. His article titled, “Dalit Literature in Higher Education” was published in the journal, Language Forum, 2007. Some of his creative writings have been accepted for an OUP (Oxford University Press) book project, titled Dalit Writings from Eastern Regions, which is under process. He has presented papers both in national and international seminars, symposia and conferences both in India and abroad. A book titled, Dalit History, Culture and Literature edited by him is under publication.

About the Book

Every writing is a political act with a clear purpose, objective and agenda. Therefore, several questions arise in one’s mind- Who writes, what, for whom and why? Writings in India are built up around the caste system. The Dalits in India have remained merely the object of the writings by the upper caste Hindus. This book is a critique of the history of literature which is primarily written and interpreted from a view point of the upper caste Hindus. It attempts to reread and revisit the writings on Dalits in India in general and Dalits in Odisha in particular and rewrite their history and their literature from their perspective. This book is an endeavour to provide a monograph of Dalit writings and writers in Odisha. For the first time one sees a host of Dalit writers and their writings brought to the limelight. They not only contest the Brahmanical hegemony but also strive towards creating an egalitarian society.















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