Step by Step Guide To Mindfulness: Learning By Doing + Meditation: The Beginners Guide + Spiritual Enlightenment With Third Eye Awakening And Kundalini Techniques

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Learning By Doing is a personal account of my time meditating with monks in Thailand. I break down my thoughts and the lessons that I learned in a simple


Learning By Doing is a personal account of my time meditating with monks in Thailand. I break down my thoughts and the lessons that I learned in a simple and effective way to understand the journey.

This beginner’s guide to meditation has been designed to help people who are new to meditation and would like to seriously take meditation sessions in different aspects of their lives. Whether you may have, or you may not have taken meditation classes or sessions in the past, the guide will enlighten you on the hidden secrets and tips on meditation. It offers you with the basics of meditation and a step-by-step guide on how to meditate like a pro.
If you are looking for a perfect guide that will offer you with a combination set of meditation and meditation applications in a beginner’s life, then you should hit the download button of this book! The writing tone is friendly, with an easy-to-understand writing style. All the procedures and examples have been provided in an interactive way to make sure that you grasp even the finest details!
With this guide, you will also deepen your understanding of the best meditation approaches and techniques that will suit you as a beginner. The guide will also provide you with proven strategies on how to plan, schedule, and achieve your goals and life aspiration through the mindfulness meditation form of visualization. The following is a short preview of what to expect in this guide:

-How to boost your personality with mindfulness meditation
-How to improve your self-esteem and self-confidence through meditation
-How to relieve stress through meditation;
-The “Loving and Kindness Meditation” practice that will improve your relationships and build the art of compassion and empathy for you

This guide will offer you with solutions to most of the meditation questions that have been lingering in your mind. With it, you will gain a better understanding of this ancient spiritual technique that will eventually provide you with tips and strategies on how to calm your body, mind, and soul! Furthermore, you will learn how meditation has been used to invoke a state of enlightenment and oneness of the body and spirit with the universe.

The benefits of opening your third eye, powering up your chakras and, above all, awakening your kundalini, are many and varied and include everything from an increased feeling of vitality, to an increased connection to the universe and even help with everyday ailments such as indigestion. What’s more, it can help you work through serious personal issues, open yourself up to a higher power and improve your day to day decision making abilities.

Awakening the kundalini that is coiled inside you, opening your third eye and charging your chakras in the process is not something that comes naturally to most people, however, which is why the following chapters will discuss everything you need to know in order to maximize your potential for these great spiritual gifts.

You will learn about the long history of those experimenting with the kundalini, or primal energy, that lives in the base of the spine and how a combination of meditation and yoga can bring that energy to bear on a number of key issues that may be negatively affecting your life. You will then learn specific kundalini meditation techniques to break bad habits, improve intuition, develop a higher consciousness and connect to your inner self. You will also learn various ways to practice the core concepts of kundalini meditation in the spare moments you have throughout the day.

With this book, you will achieve the main goal of meditation which is enlightenment, happiness, focus, healthy life, and unification. There is much more to expect from the guide, all which that you can learn by reading this book. I hope you will enjoy your daily habit of practicing meditation and yoga meditation in your life!










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